Start With Why


We want to inspire people. We want to lead well. We want to be effective when we speak. Simon Sinek gives a good explanation of how to do this with his book “Start with Why.” He uses the leading brands in our times to show who marketed first with why, and who marketed first with what. <- the less inspiring bit that is better off following  the why. The contrast brands, the ones starting with what in their explanation of who they are, aren’t leading in sales at the moment.
He talks about customer loyalty from this angle. When people believe what you believe, they want to stick with you even when it’s inconvenient or more costly to do that. And, that’s what we want in our businesses right? To serve the part of the world that believes the same way we do, and for them to see that and want to work with us. This felt another angle to look at Seth Godin’s “Tribes” idea.
Sniek uses one page to talk about dating and how similar it is to the business world. The ladies don’t want to hear three hours of what you do. They want to hear why you do what you do, and that you enjoy it. It’s a very concise summary of the difference between a good date and a bad date and a highly advisable read for any single person.
And, he uses an analogy of what you buy at the grocery store to speak to actions lining up. If you have health foods and oreos in your cart, strangers don’t know what you’re about. When everything in the basket has the same essence, we get who you are. Same thing with business, when everything you sell lines up with why you exist, and when that lines up with what we find important, we want to do business with you.
Basically this is a well crafted call to be authentic and remember that facts and fancy ways of doing things aren’t really what people are looking for. (Even when they say they shop places b/c of superior quality and value.)

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