Seth Godin has one of the most read blogs in the world because he is sharing his work [art] generously and being unique etc.

He’s rocked the business world with books on marketing amazing products, being realistic about what you want to commit your life to, etc.

Linchpin, his most recent book, is subtitled “Are You Indispensable?” Good question. In this working world meets philosophy book, he argues that, in everything we do, we are either making art, or placing ourselves in a machine. Then he defines art as emotionally connecting story. At our depths, isn’t connection what we want anyway?

He also uses tribes to explain generosity. Back when we had that sort of culture, interest wasn’t charged to tribe members. Our society today runs smoothly because everything is transactional and we feel good about that. According to Seth Godin, artists have a compulsion to give even without the transaction happening. They simply must. That sounds like a more fleshed out version of the phrase “don’t follow a creative career for the money.”

Fun quotes:

Creativity is an instinct to produce.

Artists think on the edge of the box because that is where things get done. That is where the audience is…that’s where you can make an impact.

The only purpose of starting is to finish.


Basically, he gives a beautiful philosophical picture for why it is good for us as individuals to create art while showing that art can be in everything.