An Efficient Place

Ok, there is a (start up) company that knew they wanted their users to love them, so they researched what makes first dates great, and what communication patterns hold marriage together. For the marriage research, they actually studied the guy that is quoted by Malcolm Gladwell and others. The guy who can watch a silent video of a couple talking for three minutes and predict if they will be together or divorced in ten years with stunning accuracy. From “dating” they realized initial impression was incredibly important. From the sticking it out research, they saw the four predictors of divorce: criticism, contempt, defense, and stone walling and made sure their interactions with the customer were the opposite.

Their Genius ideas:

  1. Every employee must be serving customer support for one full day
    1. effect:
      1. the engenieers knew what needed the most attention
      2. there were social reasons to do a very good job with the customer support, and to do a very good job fixing the original problem
  2. Meetings and things outside of the company were required to happen on Friday
  3. Friday was a half day
  4. This left three full days (requiredly full) days to work on their actual jobs
    1. effect:
      1. Parkinson’s Law used for the positive

It’s flabbergasting that a start up had this schedule!

Details/inspiration here: