Scary Close

Donald Millar (the author of Blue Like Jazz) wrote a book with a title that describes it well. “Scary Close.” It’s the tale of how he grew emotionally in relating with people and especially his now wife. It’s a good story as stories go, and it gives the feeling that it’s reason for existence is to encourage people to be closer with the ones that they are in proximity to. A gift expression, if you will.

One of the steps he took to have more connection was hire a team to help with his business. (That is a hard step for we fiercely independent self employed people.) In the figuring out what it was going to look like phase, he came to the realization that his business “had become a fund-raising front for a make shift family.” Isn’t that the place we all want to work at?

But really, most of the story is how knowing someone with very good relational patterns softly impacted him for the better. It gives me a new framework for dating etc. and an appreciation for the people I know.

For those that say he has a way of presenting himself in only the best light… this book is different. I think because he transferred that treatment to his amazing wife.


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