Traveling Light

There’s something about traveling that is magical. The freedom of a schedule you completely set yourself, the excitement of seeing different beauty, the perspective you return home with etc. My favorite part is how well I get to know my travel buddies. It’s just fun to hang with people who are all going the same direction and enjoying the route there. I don’t care where there is. That way of living is more fun than day to day 9-5 (or whenever to whenever) life.
Whenever I come back to the life that is described as grounded, I try to use my freedom of scheduling to make it feel the same as a trip… but it doesn’t work. Maybe I’m not going the same direction as my friends… maybe I’m not enjoying the route.
I just had a conversation w/ a friend who sucessfully decluttered to owning only enough to fill one suitcase and one rubbermaid container. She pointed out that it’s easier to connect with people.

Maybe that’s another reason why traveling with people feels more refreshing than regular life. Maybe we have more room to bond when we have less stuff. Mathematically it makes sense.

My friend’s name is Nadine Janzen if you want to look out for her. She’s living a life worth reading about.