Leagues of People

The whole idea of a person being out of another person’s league is one that doesn’t sound logical. It’s all around, but something about it doesn’t feel complete. 

If it’s true that each person is made in God’s image or that we are all the same or that we are all connected (depending on your belief structure) then how can there be strata of humans? What’s the deciding factor? Who is deciding? (Groups of people are fickle.)

As a friend pointed out a few years ago, you can look around a crowd and see who belongs with whom. There are some people that the whole room wants to belong with, but by appearance choices etc. it’s obvious that their personalities would clash.

Maybe it’s deeper. Maybe every human being is amazing. Maybe everyone has God’s fingerprints. Maybe some people see that mark in themselves and see it in other people very easily. Maybe this is why they like to be around them.

Maybe there is a stratification, but it’s not something you earn. Maybe the “leagues” are just depths of knowing how awesome you are and recognizing the awesomeness in other people.

And MAYBE, if you or I are with a guy who doesn’t see how amazing we are, who rolls his eyes, or doesn’t listen when we talk, or isn’t thoughtful, maybe those are the loudest signs that you or I are out of his league.

Because if we are all awesome, it is easy to value that in who we are with and for them to value that in us.