Resting in work

I keep hearing how work is hard and how people want vacations and how retirement sounds fun etc. etc. etc.

Which sounds like the general perception of work in the parable of the workers. (Matthew 20:1-16) people at the beginning of the day agree to work for one unit of money. People at the end of the day get the same offer and take it too. When payment comes, it just doesn’t feel fair. Some people have “worked” [read “toiled”] longer.

But, if work if a form of worship, and we are resting in it… we shouldn’t be more exhausted from working more. Research shows we come alive when we are doing something important, and if we take God’s “advice” about taking one day off to set a tone of rest, we can rest in our work… so someone working longer wouldn’t deserve more payment… they would have already gotten it by working.

This feels related to Dan Pink’s research on motivation. What he and many other economists have found is that when more money is offered for cognitive tasks… employees perform WORSE! Crazy. So we need money to meet our basic needs (obviously, mooching isn’t the best order of things) But, after that, being paid based on performance messes up performance.

What the what.