Velcroed at the Heart

The art dealer in “Same Kind of Different as me” shared more of his story in the book “What difference do it make?” I’m only 1/5 of the way through, but I need to park these thoughts before I can continue.

Thought one: is the title of this post. Ron was detailing the story of his marriage… and how praying together brought the intimacy that his wife wanted which brought him the intimacy that he wanted. She said she just wanted to know his heart. I like this thought and I like how he worded it in the book. That phrase has tones of Denver’s view on life, and that makes me love it all the more. I want to be velcroed at the heart one day to someone. I’m afraid of that (it doesn’t sound safe), I’m more afraid of that not happening.

Thought two: Denver’s points on evangelism. His perspective on receiving tracks is jarring. The people didn’t even think that he might not be able to read. And, invitations to church… even if he could read them, of course he wouldn’t want to go where every other person was all cleaned up and he couldn’t have his only worldly things. In thinking about the way he words it, a theme of rejection has bubbled up. It seems prideful and quite the pinnacle of rejection to tell a person that they are welcome to adopt your habits without caring about who they are. He also says that most homeless people have heard more sermons than some preachers have preached in their entire life. (So true in Atlanta.)  Denver points out that Jesus sent the disciples OUT. And on that note about the disciples… we don’t need perfect people ministering to us…. people need people.

That makes so much sense [in theory]. I don’t know how to apply it, especially when I’m trying to walk with wise people so I can be wise, and when I’m trying to not spend time with fools and making sure to learn none of their ways. And, when I’m trying to figure out what it means that “he who has too many friends comes to ruin.” And, when I feel quite certain I don’t know the God who is love.