What’s the difference between work and play? Play has laughter, work furrows our brow. Play flits, work focuses. Play you choose, work is chosen for you. Play is pretend, work is real.

Or is it?

I feel the weight of wanting more, more to do, cooler experiences, more solid friendships etc. all these things… but really, what’s the difference between entry level and calling all the shots at an organization. Or, in my field, what’s the difference between 1 person watching me sing and an arena full of boisterous fans?

I think the difference is responsibility (and stewardship.) For whatever reason, I, and lots of people I know, (and many more I don’t know that I read about) like this stewardship thing.

If the Bible is true… then the statement “life and death are in the power of the tongue” is a true statement.
That means that everyone alive that can speak is stewarding life and death. That’s way cooler than any business deal, huge house, nice fabric, amazing performance opportunity etc.

So, let’s focus on stewarding life and death and play while doing the work that’s in front of us–whatever it is. Knowing that it matters. But, more importantly, we matter.


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