Steve Jobs

A big thick book has been floating around and landing itself in the libraries of people I find interesting. It’s a book about innovation and focus and how the world has changed in the last 3 decades, and how the people changing it did that. It is all these things because this book is about Steve Jobs.

Last year I read the first 1/2 and put it down. Sure, it was fascinating. Sure, it was fun to read about the pranks he and Woz did when they were younger.  Sure, it was interesting to see how hard he searched for meaning with the eastern stuffs. And, sure, it was shocking to see that he knew he didn’t need his “core” classes. But, something about it wasn’t clicking.

I picked it up a week ago, and oh my goodness. It’s the best thing ever. We hear about how all humans have challenges, right? It was just fascinating to see what the challenges of someone who purposely bucks the system are. And, my heart was warmed that he worked very hard to keep the right people on the team. There is space for people. For we creative folk, there are people out searching trying their hardest to keep us on their team!

Also, it was fascinating to see the names of the top level people from all sorts of layers, design, entertainment, (in that Disney and then music stuff). And, to see behind the scenes on who was managing for Disney and why that was leading to movies that weren’t as successful as they used to be. And, that is something fascinating in itself… Disney, one of the best companies to work for, was having friction at the top.

All of this sounds like the most interesting TV show ever. Probably because it’s real. If we knew the stories that were happening right now, there probably wouldn’t be a market for Suits. There was such a divide between the decision makers doing things for just money, and the decision makers doing what they love, or doing something that would serve the customers. Making decisions is stressful!

so interesting.


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