on Quiet

A lady wrote a book a few years ago that I like a lot. It’s subtitle is “the power of introverts in a world that won’t stop talking” Bam. That’s right.

The point that keeps circling through my mind is that there is no best personality type. Period. In the animal kingdom, a herd needs some to be watching for signs of danger and some to go out and do the hunting etc. In the human realm, we need the talkers who talk, and the people who think. 

What was unsettling was that in groups the loudest talker is typically the one that is heard. This means that if the person with the best idea isn’t the loudest talker (which logically makes sense, b/c the people taking time to think rather than talk would have logically have more formed ideas) than the best idea doesn’t get heard. That hurts. And, it makes sense of why there are politics in office scenarios. Seriously, we are trusting persuasion not logic, and it’s wired in us to do that!

Leaders who are “introverted” tend to listen better to the insights of the teams they are in charge of and, in a sense, serve better. <- my take on it. We all know of “leaders” who are filibustering and not getting anything done. I like the idea of those proving themselves in battle being the ones who direct what the group will do. He who is faithful with what is little will be faithful with what is much.


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