Why is the culture I know over committed? (Why am I over committed?) Is it true, as the great thinkers have said, that you are your commitments? Why are plans made to hang out only semi-plans?  Why do I find myself afraid to commit to something that isn’t perfect? What does it mean to be committed? Studies of the leaders in music, business, sports etc. show that focusing  on [committing to?] one skill is the way to become a master. And then there’s the idea that when you commit to see something to the end, solutions pop up, and it is easier to work through problems. And why is it that a wise man swears to his own harm and doesn’t change? Why is the wording “commit a sin?”

 These have been my subconscious hum of the week. Commitment at the small and mid-scale level.  But then, maybe I’m thinking of large commitments as small ones. Proverbs warns to be very choosy about friends.

I don’t know of anything to read on these questions, but I have the book “Committed” by the author who wrote “Eat, Pray, Love” <-she’s HILARIOUS! It’s about the biggest commitment… marriage, so a relative key if you will. She makes a good point that we (in this culture) put a LOT of pressure on our soul mate. I wonder if that’s related to unhealthy or non-commitments elsewhere.

So far, my favorite idea from the book is in the introduction. She was explaining the pressure of writing after her successful book. People were expecting another phenom, and she was trying to please them… writing for 1,000,000. And she found that that was too ambiguous and the entire rough draft written with her large public in mind wasn’t worth publishing… so she wrote another draft, this time “to” the closest women in her life. Of course, that’s the one that is amazing and (after some edits) was published. Again, I wonder if trying to please the masses is related to deciding in our heart that each one of them needs to be pleased…. Commitment.


thoughts and wisdom welcome 🙂


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